Day 2 - 6/25/14

Gonna keep it short since it’s late.

Yoga was good today, made me a little shaky and my back is fairly sore from it, but i’m pretty positive its gonna help in the long run. I ate pretty terrible today. Decent breakfast, but then in the process of making a cake for a friends birthday i didn’t eat lunch and only had the odd ends of cake stuff which made me feel gross. 

I’m also having a lot of anxiety over my senior cello recital I have Friday, I feel extraordinarily unprepared and haven’t practiced enough and I keep breaking down about it. But I am going hiking with my best friend tomorrow so maybe some fresh mountain air will relax me a bit (though the time spent might add to it).

TBD i guess.

- C

Gregory Deglas,

Start with a good morning end with a great day.


Instead of waking up and filling your mind with negativity from the world. I.E. (I never knew what I.E. meant in school, I goggled it while writing this, it means in other words) The News, Facebook drama, Twitter wars, and Instagram bashing. If you start your day out with the evils of the world, how can you be prepared to fight it? You start off with so much negativity on your plate from the start that it’s very difficult for you to have a good day. 

Try something different.

Go for a walk and just think about what you want to do that day. Send a friend a kind good morning text, Read, eat a great break fast, write for a little bit, draw, paint, make beats, do what ever it is that you like to do for 20-30 minutes after you wake up in the morning. 

From now on start your day off with a good note and let it end on a great one.



Picabia. Têtes-paysage.

Roving the woeful boatland

platypus at dusk.
Each other is made
a venture.

“The goal of awakening is black coffee.”

Alice Notley (via uutpoetry)

Update - 6/24/14

I’m going to start making daily posts on this blog in regards to my physical and mental health in addition to posting more poetry. I might also post some photography and recipes and whatnot. Basically this blog is gonna be more active! (´ー`)

Here’s a general update:

I’m gonna start doing strength/flexibility yoga 5 days a week as well as eating more fruits and vegetables and less carbs (I’ve been doing a vegan diet for about a year now but I can eat a lot healthier then i am currently). I will also post what I’m feeling in an effort to be able to be more open about that, since I tend to keep things in (going to use posting as a stepping stone to actually talking about my feelings and stuff). I’m going to a therapist starting the 8th of July so I’ll talk about that more later on~ and that’s basically it! I’ll try posting a poem a week (no promises & some may be old) and other original stuff will pop up from time to time. Don’t be shy to hit me up with an ask, I’m pretty friendly.


- C

A Three Step Process;

Step one:   Be a woman.

Step two:   Wear short skirts while

                    walking to church because

                    it’s 98 degrees and

                    the sweat is beading on the back

                    of your neck and the inside

                    of your thighs.

Step three: Appreciate the mating-

                    call of the ravenous lions,

                    bellowing at your bare

                    skin because they wish they were hunters;

                    and see you as a skittish antelope

                    or at least a wounded zebra

                    startled by the vultures cry

                    from the passenger’s side of a

                    2010 Toyota Tundra.


Oh it’s a flickering flame,

flipping fishtails in flight,

immersed in frozen waters,

fixed points in time

as old men with long whiskers.



their mouths open and close

open and close,

like trapdoors and camera shutters,

long tresses hanging off their heads

and their fingers

off their toes.


It’s slick slimy skin,

indented diamonds of flesh,

that reflect skewed moonlight

in bruise colored water.


Mindless drones trapped in concrete circles

under shimmering mirrors they swim.


Death swooped you up

and carried you through

the threshold

like a blushing bride in the arms of her lover.


My dear,

I look up and see your face framed in stars

you are still here

and not the ashen skin

and empty pulse

I had once felt under my fingertips.


I feel closest to you

chest deep in the ocean

with covered ears

weightless and numb with stars burned behind my eyelids.


Loaded desire of

our fingers intertwined

and birds humming honeysuckle tunes

with our shadow burned into the ground


I close my eyes and smell gunpowder.


Krakow, Poland   
Instagram @kamilczapiga